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History of The FOOBAG:

The development of this product was brought about from the necessity of protecting Emergency Medical / Athletic Training supply Kits from the extremely damaging elements. Quite often, Athletic Trainers as well as emergency medical personnel are forced to work in weather conditions which accelerate the normal wear and tear on their most important tool of their trade….Now, the FOOBAG is here to protect and serve.


Until now, the only way to protect your medical kit during the worst of rainstorms at your Athletic events was to wrap it up in a garbage bag, tie it in a knot and hope that no water leaks in through the holes. Water in your medical kit can ruin all of the expensive medical supplies, damage your lifesaving tools and cause mold and mildew issues not conducive to sanitary medical environments. With theFOOBAG, the rain just rolls right off the top.


Keeping that same medical kit from the damaging sun can also extend the life of your most trusted investment. TheFOOBAG is also designed to protect your most needed supply bag from dust, dirt, mud and other damaging environmental particles and keep it like new for a long time.


Who or What is a FOO you might ask?


FOO is Craig LoNigro, MS, ATC. Craig is a 1991 graduate of Hofstra University with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Minor in Athletic Training as well as a Masters Degree in Education from Hofstra University in 2003.


Craig and Kristin LoNigro own Long Island Sports Care Group, Inc. LISC is a Sports Medicine Consulting business providing such services as Athletic Training coverage, AED sales and service, First-Aid / CPR and AED Certification courses as well as emergency management for youth athletic leagues.


As an Athletic Trainer for over 20 years, Craig and Kristin became frustrated with the inability to properly protect their most trusted tool of the trade, their medical kit. After years of visioning the FOOBAG, it has finally come to market.


Craig LoNigro is currently a Physical Education/Health teacher and Athletic Trainer at a High School on Long Island. Craig coordinates coverage for hundreds of Youth Athletic events throughout the year. He has served as the Athletic Trainer for the USA Men's Lacrosse U-19 World Champions as well as many other levels of Athletics and Sport. Craig is the President of the Suffolk County High School Athletic Trainers Association.


Krsitin LoNigro is currently an Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University in the Health Sciences Department. She also provides American Red Cross Certification classes to High Schools and Corporations from all over Long Island as well as hundreds of youth leagues. She serves as Athletic Training Coordinator/Consultant for USA Swimming as well as Nassau and Suffolk County HS Athletics.

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